Accolades for Linda Saunders, CFE.


Forensic Accounting Consulting: Accolades

These FAC clients discovered Linda Saunders’ talent for getting results.

Documenting employee embezzlement and fraud—

“I am amazed at what you are finding. Thank you for all the detail. I hope this means we will get something out of this. If we do, we will always know we couldn’t have done it without you………..You ROCK.”
—RC, Fraud Victim

Getting results in elder exploitation case—

“We were one of the universities who benefited from our elderly donor’s generous contribution once her Will was reinstated. Your work behind the scenes meant a great deal to our school.”
—University Professor

Attorney and forensic accountant working as a team
in hidden assets in divorce case—

“There is no question that Linda Saunders and my attorney knew exactly how to document and analyze what my needs were in my divorce proceeding. It was a time when I simply was unknowledgeable, upset, and too rattled to help myself like I wanted. Splitting our marital monetary assets that had been continuously put in my husband’s family trust was a very confusing situation for me. How could I ever tell a judge exactly what had happened?   I doubted the entire time if I would ever get any justice. Linda was the strength, the constant “documenter,” and the primary witness in my case where I ended up with a very fair judge’s decision. I would never go through this without Linda on my team!”