Linda Saunders, CFE

Linda Saunders launched FAC
in 1994.

Expert written reports

Once information is analyzed and presented, using audit and investigative report writing skills acquired over the past thirty years as a forensic CPA and CFE, Linda Saunders narrates the findings in detailed, but concise written reports. These reports provide her platform for expert witness testimony in court. Cases often settle without a trial as a result of Linda’s comprehensive reports and exhibits.


Forensic Accounting Consulting: Profile

Linda Saunders offers extensive experience

Linda Saunders has worked in the investigative, accounting, and audit fields since 1978. With her passion for investigative work, she has concentrated her efforts by working nearly exclusively on forensic accounting assignments since 1994 when she launched her own consulting business, Forensic Accounting Consulting, in the Seattle area.

Linda’s specialties include intensive interviews and analysis for legal proceedings, proactive reviews to assess elements of possible fraud, investigation and documentation of elder exploitation cases, forensic accounting for divorce, and forensic accountant expert witness services for a variety of both civil and criminal cases. For more, see Linda Saunders’ Resume & Recent Projects and Linda Saunders’ complete Curriculum Vitae.

Specialized background of fraud

Linda Saunders’ unique strengths center on the analytical, investigative, and presentation skills she has acquired, first as a Revenue Agent, and then as a Criminal Investigator with the Internal Revenue Service. She received in-residence formal training in criminal investigations and indirect methods to prove income or expenditures through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. By using these indirect methods to prove income, Linda can develop a financial picture, even with incomplete documents.

Linda’s 26 weeks of intensive in-residence training with the IRS make her the perfect choice for untangling financial investigations where fraud or cooking the books is suspected.


Read the details of Linda Saunders’ specialized background for being a fraud expert.