Linda began as an accountant

Linda Saunders’ professional accounting career began in audit, progressed to in-depth investigations with the IRS, and culminates in powerful forensic CPA and fraud investigation work as a CFE with Forensic Accounting Consulting for over fifteen years. See Linda Saunders’ complete Curriculum Vitae.


Linda Saunders, CFE, began as an accountant

Forensic Accounting Consulting: Experience

As a forensic accountant, Linda Saunders offers years of experience in giving Court testimony

Over the past 15 years, Linda Saunders has testified frequently as a forensic accountant in both civil and criminal proceedings in several states, including Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska.

In a child support modification trial, Linda appeared as an expert witness, presenting her report and trial testimony concerning hidden assets and unexplained bank deposits on behalf of an ex-wife in an Alaska divorce case. The Alaska Superior Court judge granted the ex-wife a motion for modification, finding that the ex-husband was in fact seeking to hide income and assets to avoid paying child support. The judge commented on “the compelling nature of Ms. Saunders’ testimony.” Upon the ex-husband’s appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court, the Justices upheld the lower Court’s ruling in favor of Linda’s client in this matter. Complete AK Supreme Court Decision on Child Support Modification.

Speaking experience to groups and organizations

As part of Linda’s ongoing fraud prevention and education efforts, she teaches classes to professional and community organizations throughout the country. See the list of Linda Saunders’ presentations.