Articles written by and about Linda Saunders, CFE.

Forensic Accounting Consulting: Articles

We are incuding links to three published articles—one that was written about Linda Saunders, taking a look back at her life and career in forensic accounting, a second one that was written by Linda Saunders that provides an excellent perspective on elder financial abuse and how to spot it, and a third article that profiles a presentation Linda made at the 22nd Annual ACFE Fraud Convention and Exhibition.

“Living the Passion of Her Dreams”

The WSCPA profiled Linda Saunders in their CPA journal article entitled “Living the Passion of Her Dreams” by stating, “Linda has lived her passion in forensic accounting and lives by Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous words: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Read the complete WSCPA article.

“Financial Exploitation of Elders”

Linda Saunders authored this article in the internationally published CFE Fraud journal that every daughter or son should read, as well as elder care professionals. She began her article by stating, “Fraud examiners should know the red flags of elder financial abuse and how to identify and protect those who may be vulnerable.” Read the complete financial exploitation article and see the “red flags.”

“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

In June, 2011, Linda gave a presentation at the 22nd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference and Exhibition. Her presentation was featured in this article by Mandy Moody, ACFE Social Media Specialist. "Did he do it? Did the investigators get the facts right? Those are just two of the many questions that Linda Saunders, CFE, CPA, CFF, CGFM, owner of Forensic Accounting Consulting, was able to answer and convey to a jury as an expert accounting witness for her first criminal defense case in Idaho." Read the complete article.